The STAAT Mod™ (Strategic, Temporary, Acuity-Adaptable Treatment) is a prefabricated, modular inpatient care solution for healthcare organizations.

Imagined as a factory-made, quick-ship solution, the STAAT Mod was conceptualized by two companies with expertise in prefabrication who applied that knowledge to fabricate fully integrated critical care inpatient modules. By standardizing the design there is an increased speed to market; by producing in a controlled environment there is improved quality for the end user and safety for the construction team.

Conceived as a kit of parts, it is comprised of modular inpatient ICU rooms, staff spaces, material and supply rooms, and fully integrated infrastructure appropriate for a variety of scenarios.

The modules provide patient isolation and increased capacity in a time of an infectious pandemic. The basic model is highly-engineered to allow true Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (AIIR) as recommended by the CDC for infectious patients undergoing aerosol-generating procedures.

The STAAT Mod is flexible and durable with a 20-year useful life. The solution addresses need for hospital quality inpatient environments that are acuity adaptable for critical care or medical / surgical bed capacity as a bridge to a new facility.

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Clinical Quality


The room features are driven by years of Evidence-based Design research that have been proven to increase staff and patient safety and improve clinical outcomes in the areas of Infection Control, Work Efficacy, Deployment, Visibility, and Well-being.

The STAAT Mod™ was developed and tested through Virtual Reality (VR) simulation exercises by experts, including critical care nurses trained in COVID-19 protocols, a hospital environment specialist in infection control, and Lean process engineers for workflow design.

Code Compliant


The STAAT Mod is compliant with 2015 ICC and 2012 NFPA family of codes, and 2018 FGI standard. The design meets the definition of public safety in design and construction.

Extended Useful Life


The modules have a 20 year+ useful life with institutional Institutional quality construction materials and building systems integrated into the structure similar to stick-built construction. Because it is fabricated in a controlled environment, it produces higher quality and speed of delivery.



The inpatient room is acuity adaptable because it is designed around a universal concept for bed clearances and medical gas distribution, and deployed supplies and charting stations outside each room with direct patient observation. It can be used as an ICU room, Patient Isolation room or a traditional Med/Surg room. The kit of parts concept provides relatively simple expansion, and because it came as distinct parts, it can be disassembled and reused multiple times in multiple locations.

Value-added Features


The solution offers a variety of options that improve value and usability. These include wayfinding and signage, environmental graphics, additional system controls, options for exterior panel colors and options for additional windows. As part of basic services, we coordinate the installation of your furniture, furnishings, and Medical Equipment or you can plan and procure them from our preferred vendors to create a total turn-key delivery.

It's Just Beds: 4-Room Module

The base module is created by connecting a four-room cluster with mechanical support. The module can be attached to an existing hospital, or skilled nursing facility, to expand a wing, allowing for additional capacity or infectious patient separation.

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Pocket Hospital: 8-Room Wing

The eight bed, ‘pocket hospital,’ includes essential support space to effectively manage am 8-bed self-sufficient inpatient unit.

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Full Inpatient Unit: 16-Room Inpatient Wing

The full inpatient unit adds another eight beds to the Pocket Hospital for a total of 16 beds, and additional and modified support space to create a full 16-bed critical care unit.

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Born out of an urgent need for high quality care delivered quickly


The origins of the STAAT Mod Version One COVID-19 Fast Response Mod

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