The Origin Story


On March 17th, under a Work from Home directive, Kurt Spiering, healthcare sector leader at HGA, received a phone call from Ben Bruns, executive vice president for northern operations of The Boldt Company. Ben asked if HGA would combine talents and experience to respond to the emerging healthcare crisis. What followed was several weeks of intense problem-solving to meet the goal of hospital-quality care with speed to market. Drawing upon a collaborative and committed team of over 80 people working remotely and virtually, HGA and The Boldt Company was able to rapidly design. prototype and model a modular and prefabricated facility solution and fabricate and ship the first order to Adventist HealthCare, Fort Washington Medical Center on April 20th. The first patients were admitted to the STAAT Mod in May 2020.

The first modules

The first modules were designed to provide critical care environments that were ‘better than a tent’, to ship as quickly as possible using an existing 12.6 x 40 x 10 module. Since speed without sacrifice to clinical quality was the key objective, the original modules relied on some code and jurisdictional waivers that had been provided during the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. The systems were also designed to utilize readily available ‘off the shelf’ material as supply chain was a barrier to speed of delivery.


Since that time of immediate surge capacity crisis, the design and fabrication team has evolved the STAAT Mod™ solution. Our culture of continuous improvement drives us to learn as well as evolve to meet changing needs. The improved 2.0 Version solution address needs beyond short term crisis, and can be used in a number of clinical applications to supplement your existing hospital inpatient operations or increase your capacity to provide you flexibility in the their existing physical environment to normal operations.

  • An extended useful life related to product durability using higher quality materials more appropriate for healthcare in structure and systems.
  • The STAAT Mod now complies with 2015 ICC and 2012 NFPA family of codes, and 2018 FGI standards, no longer relying on jurisdictional waivers issued in crisis.
  • The 2.0 version design delivers an improved aesthetic presence on hospital campuses, along with added design sets for customization to your specific context.

About The Team


HGA : A leader in design for the healthcare market, with a portfolio including some of the nation’s most significant and complex hospital projects. HGA has been an innovator in standardized, modular and prefabricated healthcare environments.

The Boldt Company: A leading construction management firm in the U.S. and at the forefront of the evolving needs of modern healthcare for decades, Boldt has prefabricated elements of customized construction and employed that knowledge to create self-contained modules.

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